Apache Trail Swap Meet

Something For Everyone

Current Vendors

This is our most current list of vendors and their contact informaton.


Poet Bartering Shop

We sell and trade quality items.

Contact Number: 480-209-8818


Arizona Cactus Creations

Custom fountains and more.

Contact Number: Wanda 928-963-1200

Contact E-Mail: Wandaperry1974@yahoo.com


Flag Shop And Everything

We have flags and a little bit of everything in-between.

Contact Number: Mary 480-204-2664


Fabric Cat Creations

Robert and Carol Tabb create all sorts of neat items from fabric and also do auctions.

Contact E-Mail: fabriccat54@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fabric_cat54/

Website: https://smashtowerstudio.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063502874354


Pain Free CBD

We offer CBD to help with a variety of things.

Contact Number: 720-841-1573


AZ Meat Wagon

We sell seafood, chicken, pork, and steak packages at a great price. Will deliver locally within 50 miles.

Contact number: 480-479-3234


Jim's Tools

Sells a variety of tools, model cars, and other collectibles to add to a man cave. Carries tools for every project big or small.

Contact E-Mail: Craja56@hotmail.com


Joe's Turquoise Shop

Creative artists in lapidary and silversmithing. They have a variety of Native American arts. They operate both in retail and wholesale. The shop specializes in slabs, beads, findings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, Native American Jewelry, and old pawn jewelry.

Contact Number One: Joe And Cindy 307-751-0517

Contact Number Two: Richard Coomer 602-501-2044


Southwest Crafts By Pierce

They specialize in handmade Southwest products, including fetish bears, horse hair, vases, clay, pottery, ceramics, DeGrazia pictures, sand art, and more.

Contact Number: 586-453-1646

Contact E-Mail: jsg905@yahoo.com

Contact Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arizonacraftsbypierce

Space At Swap Meet: Space 8


The Book Lady

Sells hardback and paperback books for $2.00 each. Carries a good selection in every genre including fiction and nonfiction.

Space At Swap Meet: Space 9, Back Row


Sunglasses All Polarized

Sells polarized sunglasses for just $10.00 a pair. They are all polarized, some day wear, some night wear. Sunglasses that go over prescription glasses. Sunglasses for every occasion or purpose.

Space At Swap Meet: Space 9, Back Row


Frank's Turquoise, Knives, And Handcrafted Jewelry

Specializes in necklaces, earrings, Native American Jewelry, Damascus knives, swords, and daggers, assorted knives, swords, and canes.

Contact Number: Frank Lynch 586-525-2222


Dragon's Knives And Gems

We sell knives, collectibles, fantasy items, pins, belt buckles, jewelry, coins, and a variety of items.

Contact Number: 480-258-5122


JC's Place

Specializes in tools, knives, sterling silver rings, jewelry, unique items, collectibles, and more. New items every week.

Contact Number: 602-434-4941